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Custom "Shadow" Mandala

Custom "Shadow" Mandala


With this purchase you will receive a custom "Shadow" mandala.


A "Shadow" mandala refers to the work you are doing internally/emotionally, based on what you need to work on or work through in your life, that you may be suppressing or not acknowledging. This process of acknowledging our triggers, deep emotions, beliefs, programming, etc and working through all of it is called "Shadow Work".


I will tap into your energy and channel through whatever information you need, in a creative and intuitive completely personalized final Mandala. Your mandala will contain sacred geometry, energy, colors, and information that appear in a vibration/frequency form, and will be filled with potential for you to work with through this "Shadow Work" process.


To view other custom mandalas that I have created, click here.


What you will receive with your purchase:

  • 1 outlined 8" x 8" file for your to print and color on your own (high resolution, jpg)
  • 1 pre-colored 8" x 8" file for you to use as a meditation tool or display piece (high resolution, jpg)
  • 1 pre-colored 8" x 8" file for you to use as on social media (low resolution, jpg)


A completely customized mandala can take up to 5-7 days to be created. All files will be emailed to you at the email address used to make this purchase. The example shown above is NOT what you recieve. It is simply an example of a custom mandala that I have created in the past.


Please select the No Charge Shipping option upon checkout.


Unless you specifically request that I do NOT share your mandala on social media, I plan to post it on Instagram and Facebook, without your name unless you would like to be tagged.

If you post your final colored in mandala on social media, please tag me: 


facebook: @AlignbyDesignCreativeIntuitive

ig: @Align_by_Design

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