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Elements/Platonic Solids Mandala Wall Tile Set 8'x8'

Elements/Platonic Solids Mandala Wall Tile Set 8'x8'


These beautiful Element/Platonic Solids Mandalas are the Medium Size, 8" x 8". They are made of a lightfoam material, 0.4” thick, which ensures that they’re featherlight and easy to install. There will be no text on each tile, only the mandala with an approximately .5" white margin all around. You will receive a set of 5 wall tiles to use in your business or personal practice. Wall tiles can be hung on any surface that allows for an adhesive sticker. The adhesive stickers are a unique style called Magnofix®, which consists of two magnetized strips. The two strips will arrive attached to each other by magnetic pull. The first strip comes with an adhesive layer. The second strip comes fitted with a white sticker which is larger than the strip itself, and this sticker comes with an adhesive layer.


Shipping to the contiguous United States only. Shipping for this set of wall tiles is an additional cost of $10.00. Local pick-up at 116 North Main Street, Mansfield, Massachusetts is free. Please note shipping/pick-up preference when placing order.


For ideas on how to put your Chakra Mandalas in Action, click here.

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