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Mandala Card Sets - 3 size and style options

Mandala Card Sets - 3 size and style options

SKU: smallchakramandalas

These beautiful Mandalas come in 3 different sizes and 3 different styles. They are printed in color on cardstock. 


Choose your preferred Size:

Small - 4" x 4"

Medium - 8" x 8"

Large - 10" x 10"


Choose your preferred Style:

Light Mandalas - 7 White cards with the "Chakra Light Mandalas"

Shadow Mandalas - 7 Color to edge cards with the "Chakra Shadow Mandalas"

Elements/Platonic Solids Mandalas - 5 White cards with the "Elements Mandalas"


Shipping to the contiguous United States only. Shipping for these sets of mandalas is an additional cost of $8.00. Local pick-up at 116 North Main Street, Mansfield, Massachusetts is free. Please note shipping/pick-up preference when placing order.


For some ideas of how to put your Mandalas in Action, click here.

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