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Create Your Own Mandala Workbook

Create Your Own Mandala Workbook


Style: Create Your Own Mandala Workbook
Size: 8.5" x 8.5" Softcover, Composition binding style
Inside Pages: 86 pages - black and white

This delightful Create-Your-Own Mandala Workbook is packed full of information including the use of Sacred Geometry, common mandala shapes and symbols, fun shape combos, instructions on how to prepare for creating your mandalas, recommended tools that you may need for this process, and:

  • 6 pages of shape and symbol tracing templates
  • 4 pages of a full mandala ready to be decorated
  • 4 pages of a full mandala ready to be traced and decorated
  • 4 pages of 6 mini mandala circle practice templates
  • 16 pages of 8”x8” full size mandala circle practice templates
  • 4 pages of a grid pattern where you can start from scratch

Each tracing template and mandala grid template has no printing on the back of it's page so that any color bleed through will not interfere with any printed information on the opposite side. It is highly recommended that you place a blank piece of paper under each template page so that there is no bleed through to the page(s) underneath.

You can enjoy hours of fun tracing various templates and starting your own mandalas from scratch. There is even a resource for free printable pages!


If you would like to add a new challenge to your mandala creation. You can add on as many 3.5" blank oracle cards to decorate. These are a blank, smooth coated cardstock that is ready for you to begin designing. Cards are $ .50 each. Cards come in three shape options: Circle, Square, or Hexagon

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