Learn how to access the Akashic Records - Mentor Program

What an Individual Mentorship Includes:

  • Initial free 15 minute discovery conversation to determine if this is for you

  • Multiple phone sessions (we won't know how many sessions it will take until we dive in) which will include: interactive guided meditative journeys, information channeled through me to you, discovering and working with your guide(s), discovering and learning what process works best for you to be able to access the Akashic Records and all information from the Quantum realm, your own customized and personal process, practice, and Q&A

  • Homework that will include practicing getting into the records, working with your guide(s), reading your own records, reading other people's records

  • Access to a large variety of practice participants for you to hone your skills with

  • Free access to me via text/email/phone/Facetime anytime in between sessions for questions, or if you need extra guidance

  • Membership to a private Facebook Akashic Records Mentoring Group that will give you a safe and supportive space to ask questions to other readers, find practice partners, and to share your experiences

  • Sessions can be approx 1 - 1.5 hours each (a full mentorship can run anywhere between 1-6 sessions)

  • Cost of each session is $80


Are you ready to do the deep work? You will learn so much more about yourself through this process. You will see and experience the world and beyond like you never have before. This mentorship may be the easiest or it may be the most challenging thing you have done in a while. How you progress through the process will depend on your level of openness and willingness to be a clear channel for the information that is going to flow through you. Experience doesn't matter. You could be re-learning how to read the records from doing so in many previous incarnations, or you could be doing this for the very first time in your entire existence. I don't call this a teaching session because I'm simply the conduit between you and Spirit. Spirit works through me to help you develop and grow this incredible skill. I will maintain the necessary vibration and hold the space for you throughout this entire process. Each mentorship will be different because everyone is at a different level of vibration and frequency, and each person has to work through their own filter to be able to receive, interpret, and disseminate the information they receive. There is no curriculum, no workbooks, no specific requirements, and no certifications. This is a very interactive journey that we will take together, and it will give you another incredible tool to use in your energetic toolbox! You are welcome to record our sessions or take notes.

I would like to make sure that you are aware that you will be learning how to access the Akashic Records in your own particular way, not necessarily MY way. We will start with a guided journey into the Records and from there we will learn what's in your energetic tool box that will help you to access and disseminate this information for others. There is an extremely large chance that we will be getting just as much interaction with everything in the Quantum Field, and not just the Akashic Records (which are located in the Quantum Field). Please come into this journey without any expectation, as Spirit/Universe will no doubt turn all of your expectations on it's head and surprise the heck out of the both of us!

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Illumination Center

Illumination Healing,

Ancestral Healing,

Open Soul Healing,

Soul Code Alchemy,

Quantum Soul Healing,

Soul Recovery,


Crystal Grid Healing,

Past Life Regressions,

Shamanic Journeying,

Inner Child Work,

Guided Meditations,


Tarot or Life Readings,

Personal Coaching & Mentorship,

Shop for Crystals,

Take a variety of classes and workshops

Located in Mansfield, Massachusetts, we are a collaboration of practitioners focused on each client's individual wholeness. We have Practitioners that are all working at a Reiki Master Teacher level, each with a very detailed and varied tool box of modalities to support you with. There are many different types of healings for you to choose from. There are also classes, workshops, and long term courses to help you to evolve into your own greatness. And what could be better than being deeply involved in a tribe of likeminded people. 

Illumination Center

116 N. Main Street, Mansfield, MA 02048

Email: AndreaHealingMedium@gmail.com

Phone: 508-261-5999

Website: IlluminationCenter.us




Melanie Sprague

Soul Code Alchemy Healing,

Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher,

Energy Healer,

Meditation Facilitator, 

Spiritual Coach,


Singing Bowls,

Light Language Channeler,

Green Compass CBD Distributor,

doTerra Essential Oil Distributor

Living in this 3 Dimensional human world, our aura and energetic fields, which are limitless, can become dense. The density is often responsible for physical and emotional imbalances that we feel. Our souls want to operate at 5th Dimensional levels and beyond and our bodies are in human mode. We have the capability to recall the codes in our core and achieve a balance of energy that is less dense. 

Soul Code Alchemy is a beautiful energetic way that helps achieve this.

While channeling Spirit and Light Language, Soul Code Alchemy utilizes all of the tools in my arena; such as:

  • Illumination,

  • Reiki,

  • Mediumship,

  • Channeled Messages from Spirit,

  • Vibrational Sound Healing using Singing bowls, Tuning  forks, ​channeling light codes;

  • And more

These along with my Intuitive abilities allow me to hold space as your Soul alchemizes the energy both physically and ethereally, allowing you to access the codes within and release your attachment to what no longer serves you and energetically vibrate at your highest and best.

Email: Zenbymelanie@gmail.com 

Website: www.illuminationcenter.us/melanie-sprague



Andrea Kukulka

Illumination Center for Healing and Learning, Founder

Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher,

Healing Medium,

Medical Intuitive,

Open Soul Healing,

Womb Specialist,

Light Language Channeler,

Original Receiver of Light Connection and Illumination,

doTerra Essential Oil Distributor

Allow me to share some of my story with you.

I knew things, I mean really knew them, from the time I was little. For instance, I knew I had been different people before. I thought everyone knew these things about themselves. I knew that I could move things, energy, if I just tried hard enough. I also knew that I was very aware of other energies that I couldn't see with my eyes. I knew things with certainty when I was young. Fast forward to my teens when I was told "That's not real." I heard this enough that I put it away for as long as I could.

Then in my 20s, I became curious again. In 1989 a man named Gary Zukav wrote a book, The Seat of The Soul. I read it right away.  This book changed my life! I had so many question from those years of not using my gifts. Seat of the Soul answered them and created more questions at the same time.

Shortly after that my dreams started to change. They were real, they were clear, and they were coming true! By this time I had to know more. There was no internet back then but, there were book stores. So many more books were bought. Then one day my gifts exploded and I went running to the local college to see if they had some kind of class that would help me. They did! I signed up for my first metaphysical class that day. Then I took the next and the next. I continually learned and mastered my craft in the coming years. 

Now, this perennial student has become the teacher. I believe that we are all healers. I believe that we are all beacons of light just waiting for our chance to shine. That's why I do what I do now. It's why I teach, it's why I heal, and why I'm on this journey with you. 

Today I hold four different Reiki Master certificates, along with other energy modalities certifications. Most important of all is Illumination™.

I'm a medical intuitive specializing in fear and in womb issues. Most especially, pregnancy. 

Illumination Center, Mansfield MA

Email: AndreaHealingMedium@gmail.com

Phone: 508-261-5999

Website: AndreaKukulkaHealingMedium.com

and the Illumination Center website




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Jill McLoughlin,


Quantum Soul Healing,

Vibrational Sound Healer,

Registered Nurse,


Reiki Master Teacher,


I have been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. My experience includes working at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston for 17 years and as a Nurse Consultant for a medical device company for 13 years. My mother taught me how to meditate as a child and it has been a part of my life ever since. I have been drawn to take numerous holistic healing classes over the years for stress reduction, self-care and healing others.  I left my job as a Nurse Consultant in June of 2017 in search of another career path. During my search I decided to start my own business that has allowed me to fulfill my purpose as a healer, educator and share my passion with others.


My certifications include Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher and Sound Vibrational Reiki which powerfully enhances healing sessions with the use of tuning forks.  I also received a certification for Illumination™ which is a new form of healing.


Inspired to expand upon my healing techniques, I developed a modality called Quantum Soul Healing™ which powerfully harmonizes the physical, biofield and Quantum Field energies. It also allows me to use by intuitive abilities to see energy, how it effects the body and bring in loving messages from spirit guides.


In addition to seeing private clients, I am part of the Integrative Therapy Program at The Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI. This program offers complimentary care to the patients which includes Reiki, guided imagery, meditation and other relaxation techniques.

My goal is to provide healing for, the body, mind and soul, support your journey and encourage self-empowerment.

Email: jill@thehealingpath.us

Phone: 617-913-2421

Website: www.thehealingpath.us


Angela Lee

Personal Development and Career Coach,

Akashic Records Reader

Discover your Zone of Genius with Angela Lee

Are you feeling lost and wondering what your soul’s purpose is? I am offering a combo Human Design & Akashic Records reading to identify what is causing you to feel stuck and how you can create a life that’s aligned with your unique life blueprint.


Human Design is a system based on your exact time, date and place of birth. It is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, including Western astrology, the Chinese I-Ching system and the Hindu Chakra system. Human Design is used as a tool to help us better understand how we were designed to function, make decisions, interact with others and be in alignment with our genuine selves. In other words, it provides an “energetic blueprint” for how you can get into a state of flow and ease in your life.


In this reading, I will provide insight on your Human Design chart about your innate gifts and energy type. We often feel “stuck” or “burned out” when we aren’t being true to our Human Design. Based on the question you ask, I will share how you can use your Human Design strategy to take you away from who you ‘should’ be and bring you home to your authentic self.


NOTE: This is not a live session. After booking your appointment, you will receive an email with a form to fill out. You will receive a video recording with your reading within one week of your original booking.


Book here: https://calendly.com/angela-h-lee/human-design-akashic-records-reading-virtual 

I'm also a personal development and career coach. I specialize in working with women who feel stuck or unhappy in their current job become more fulfilled by finding their dream career so they can live a life they love! I help my clients reconnect with their intuition and identify what they want most out of life, both professionally and personally. Then we bring it all together and lay out a plan to get them from where they currently are to where they want to go. I cover all the traditional career coaching stuff such as building a personal brand, resume writing and interview prep, as well as mindset work like building confidence and positive psychology.

Email: angela.h.lee@gmail.com

Phone: 508-333-5396

Website: Coming Soon!


Michele Morris

Cannabis Nurse Consultant,
CBD Educator,


Registered Nurse,

Green Compass CBD Distributor,

Healy Device Services

I am an intuitive and a healer. I personally found CBD to be a natural, plant-based alternative to combating chronic pain and anxiety symptoms that can go hand in hand with years of bedside nursing. As I began to heal people asked me what I was doing differently. I could not help but share with them the incredible abilities of the cannabis plant! I assist people interested in finding balance and using cannabis on various levels by providing education on what exactly cannabis is and how cannabis works in the body, proper dosing techniques, how to identify pure and safe products and more. This plant has enabled me to live my best life! My goal is to bring plant medicine to as many people as I can so that others feel as fantastic as I do! Along with pain and anxiety it may effect mood, focus and attention disorders, sleep, hormone regulation, neurological conditions, cancer, autoimmune disorders, the list goes on. Cannabis has a prominent place in the holistic care of our human bodies in a way no other medicine does all while having an excellent safety profile. I am available for individual consults and group events to help familiarize people with this simple, organic path towards health.


As a healer, I believe that everything is energy, frequency and vibration and so I also share the benefits of the Healy device. Healy is a new wearable micro current medical energy frequency device that optimizes the body’s cellular, emotional, physical, and energetic levels to activate self-healing and bring you back into quantum wellness and bio energetic balance. Less pain, More energy, better sleep. Along with being FDA cleared as a class two medical device, Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress. Healy is about regenerating at the cellular level, bringing the body back into a homeostasis state. Ironically both the Healy device and cannabis work to help the body find balance. I offer remote Healy services as well as information about purchasing the device for personal and business use

Email: michele@wholeflowerconsulting.com
Phone/Text: (508) 577-2160

Website: www.wholeflowerconsulting.com

Christina Hayes Headshot.jpg

Christina Grace Hayes

BBS Energy Works, LLC, Owner

Reiki Master/Teacher,
Emotion Code Practitioner,
Advanced Integrative Energy Therapist,

Brain Gym Consultant and Educator,
Light Connection Practitioner,
Touch for Health Therapist

Christina also has a degree in Early Childhood Development and is a Massachusetts Licensed Educator, as well as an Early Reflex Integration Developmental Specialist. She has over 35 years of experience working with children of all ages and needs beginning in utero, whole families seeking peace and harmony, and adults pursuing positive solutions of empowerment. 

Email: Christina@BBSEnergyWorks.com
Office Phone: 508-266-7227

Website: BBSEnergyWorks.com



Phyllis Simonetta

Phyllis Simonetta - Energy Healing and Classes, Owner

Soul Radiance Healing,

Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher,
Light Connection Practitioner,
Illumination Practitioner,

Light Language Channeler,


Oracle Cards

In 2012 Reiki had a profound healing effect on my mental and emotional well being. Since then many other holistic healing modalities have been instrumental in leading and realigning me back to my authentic self. I have a deep desire to assist others in reconnecting to their own innate ability and wisdom to heal body, mind, spirit and soul.  Energy healing has made my life infinitely better. I know it can do the same for you!

Energy Healing Sessions are based in Holy Fire III Reiki and may include other healing modalities such as Illumination and Light Language. Each session is divinely guided and channeled specifically for you and what you need at the time of your session. I also teach all levels of Holy Fire III Reiki and offer self care workshops.  INFUSE YOUR LIFE WITH REIKI

Email: phyllis@phyllissimonetta.com

Phone: 781-929-5825



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Rev. Kristen Stone

Illuminating Light Healing Center, Owner

Usui, Karuna, and Holy Fire III Reiki, Master/Teacher,
New Paradigm MDT,

Sonic Sound Healing,

Crystal Intuitive Healing,

Spirit Medium,

Intuitive Psychic,

Tarot Cards


From a young age Kristen knew she was not like others and at age 15 it became clear she was intuitive and had a gift that many did not have. However, it wasn’t until her 20’s that she realized she should utilize her gift to help others.
As an intuitive psychic and spiritual medium, Kristen gives accurate psychic readings by using her gifted abilities and offering guidance to all of her clients. Her empathic capabilities are astounding; as she can truly feel what her clients are going through. Her unique approach during her reading will cover all aspects and get to the core of what is really going on. She will empower you to remove your blocks, face the challenges that lie ahead, move your life in a positive new direction, and heal, all while making sure this is done with ease and simplicity.

Illuminating Light Healing Center

E. Main Street, Norton, MA 02766

Email: illuminating.light77@gmail.com

Phone: 508-818-0675

Website: Illuminating Light Healing Center



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Rob Boynton

Reiki: Human & Animal,

Animal Communication,

Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Readings,

Vet Technician,



Rob offers both Human and Animal Reiki healings sessions, animal communications, and intuitive tarot/oracle card readings.


He has always been an avid animal lover; it always seemed that no matter what he was doing in life he has always had an intuitive way with animals. When he’s not offering healings, he’s working with your furry loved ones as a vet tech.


Rob is a CODA (child of deaf adults) who also offers all his services in American Sign Language 🤟🏻; to better serve the deaf and hard of hearing community, in the holistic metaphysical world.


It wasn’t until he met Kristen Stone (Owner of Illuminating Light Healing Center and Rob's Mentor) a few years ago, that Rob began the journey to further expand his abilities, knowledge of spiritual energies and becoming a spiritual healer. 

Email: theflamingtaurus@gmail.com

Phone: 774-473-0292




Lisa Nastar

Usui Reiki Master,

LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker),

YCBT (Yoga Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)


Lisa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience in helping others to manage their anxiety through a variety of holistic therapies.  She is a Masters level Reiki practitioner and uses Reiki to help ease stress and discomfort in the body and mind. 

Lisa is also certified in Yoga Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  A unique program which combines physical movements and the breathing of kundalini yoga along with the proven methods of cognitive behavioral therapy to change thoughts and patterns of behavior. 

Email: Lnastar18@gmail.com

Phone: 774-265-5176



Liz Reef

Business Clarity, Strategy, and Mindset Coach for Soulpreneurs,


I help Soul Centered people who either have a business or are ready to start their business, by helping them find the courage to share their gifts to the world through the portal of their business. I help these Soulpreneurs with Imposter Syndrome, Courage, Mindset, Clarity, Strategy, and gaining the confidence they need to put themselves out there.

I also offer North Node Readings to help you gain clarity around your Soul's purpose. This is a great tool for Soulpreneurs to get a deeper level of information to assist you in validating and focusing you on your business journey.  I also offer Natal (birth) Chart readings, and Synastry readings.

Email: elizabethareef@gmail.com

Phone: 617-515-1891


Website: Coming Soon!