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PREREQUISITES: As long as you have an open mind and are in touch with your intuition, then this course will work for you.
MATERIALThis is a self-paced online program that comes with a printable workbook (coming soon ..... a professionally printed, spiral bound workbook that can be ordered and shipped to you), voice recorded guided journeys, & printable mandalas.

MENTORSHIP: You will have one 30-45 minute mentorship phone call with Karen. This call comes with the course and is included in the price. You will also have the option to book and pay for as many add-on mentorship calls as you need with Karen. She will be accessible to you during the entire process via email otherwise. You will also be invited to a private Facebook Akashic Records Group that all of the course participants (past and present) belong to.
COST: This mentorship course requires an investment of $369
ADVANCED LEVELS: There is a sister course to this program. The next level course is called The Galactic and Amenti Records. The prerequisite for that course is that you must have already completed Akashic Records training by any teacher/mentor. 


  • Akashic Records Mandala and Mandalas for Meditations (access to downloadable and printable art)

  • About Karen

  • Glossary of Terms

  • Helpful Information About This Course

  • Akashic Records Topics:

    • Why This Course is Different From Any Other

    • Who We Truly Are: Our Multidimensional Selves

    • Trusting Your Intuition

    • Timelines, Lifetimes, and Incarnations Explored

    • Healings That Can Take Place Through Readings

    • Questions to Ask While You Are In the Records

    • Details to be Aware of While Accessing the Akashic Records

    • Reading the Records for Others

    • Entering Your and Other People’s Records

    • Step-by-Step Guide for Entering Your and Other People’s Records

    • Beginning Your Practice Readings

    • Keeping Track During Your Practice Readings

    • Building an Akashic Records Reading Business

  • Free 15 min. Personal Akashic Records Reading from Karen

  • Guided Meditative Journey #1: Grounding and Connecting Sound Recording

  • Guided Meditative Journeys #2 and #3: Contracts/Agreements, and Ancestors Sound Recordings

  • Guided Meditative Journeys #4 and #5: Meeting Your Other Selves ~ Integration at the Well

  • Live mentor phone call with Karen: 30-45 minutes

  • Integration at the Well Journal Pages

  • Creating Your Opening and Closing Intention Statements Journal Pages

  • Keeping Track of What Comes Through in Your Practice Readings Journal Pages
  • Private Facebook Akashic Records Mentoring Group

  • Optional Extra Phone Call Mentor Sessions - with Karen (extra cost)

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