According to Wikipedia: "A mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of practitioners and adepts, as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction."

When I create a mandala, I tap in to a person's energy and ask for guidance as to what information they need at this time. It is then that I receive the intuitive information/message and channel a design with sacred geometry to create a unique and completely custom mandala.

People sometimes ask... "What can I do with a Mandala?" You can color them, use them as a crystal grid, place under a healing table, for meditation, as artwork to display in your home or office, or whatever works for you!

See some Mandalas in Action, and get some great ideas of what you can do with them.


Visit my Mandala Shop to purchase various products that showcase the Mandala series that I have created. 

View examples of my mandalas below

Mandala - MB
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Mandala - AL2
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Mandala - JR
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Mandala - AT
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Mandala KandC
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Mandala - LD
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Mandala - JB
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Mandala - DM
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Mandala -KB
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Mandala - KF
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Mandala - PS
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Mandala - MS
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Mandala - KB
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Mandala - LD2
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Mandala - JB2
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I now offer a new kind of mandala ... it's called a shadow mandala. Whereas the "light" mandalas come through based on your energy, the "shadow" mandalas come through based on what you need to work on or work through in your life, that you may be suppressing or not acknowledging. This process of acknowledging our triggers, deep emotions, beliefs, programming, etc and working through all of it is called "Shadow Work". 

So now you can choose which type of mandala resonates with you most. And if both do, you can order one of each kind for a discounted price. 


These mandalas are creatively and intuitively designed just for you, or for someone else as a gift.
They are made to order. The images you see above were all created for specific individuals.

Choose between 2 different mandala styles:

Mandala - Inner Beauty Reiki - color SCREEN.png

What you will receive with your $75 purchase:

  • an 8" x 8"  high resolution .jpg color mandala (for printing and displaying)

  • an 8" x 8"  low resolution .jpg color mandala (for use on screens, as thumbnails, or on social media)

  • an 8" x 8"  high resolution .jpg black and white outlined mandala (for printing and coloring on your own)

  • with a "light" mandala, you will also get a channeled message which includes information regarding the Sacred Geometry, layout, colors, and process regarding the creation of your unique, custom mandala. I channel this message from tapping into the field of Source potential, as well as passing along messages and information that comes from your guides and higher self. Text will be emailed along with the mandala.

  • If you plan to have your mandala printed larger than 8" x 8" or on canvas, please let me know the size so I can send a file that will be the correct size for your project. The files you receive are NOT canvas ready.


It may take up to 5-7 days for your mandalas to be created and the files to be emailed to you. The files will be sent to the email address you use to make the payment through.


"I layed on the Reiki table and I put the three lower chakra mandalas over me and the energy that comes out of them is just amazing! I felt all of my chakras activate and my hands (Reiki) turn on. I kept my hands by my side and then I put them over the mandalas. They are such an incredible tool!"

— Phyllis Simonetta


“These 12x12 laminated Chakra Mandalas are the perfect compliment to my Center. They can be used as a healing tool, or simply as beautiful artwork to be displayed. By placing a Mandala near the top of the body, and another at the bottom of the body, a great blending and balancing of energies can quickly take place.”

— Andrea Kukulka, Owner of Illumination Center, Mansfield MA


"I used my custom mandala today in the treatment room (at Illumination Center, Mansfield MA), put a crystal quartz in the middle and pulled the energy in for the client healings, Wow!"

— Jill McLoughlin, Owner of Quantum Soul Healing

Mandala - Jamie - outlines.jpg

“I have three boys at home, ages 7-11, who love to color with me. At night we put on music and color together at the kitchen table. Karen created 4 custom mandalas, one for each of the boys plus myself, that were perfectly tailored to one word that means the most to us. We have hours of fun, creative, family time using these beautiful, personalized mandalas.”

— Jamie B.