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What is a Mandala?

​Mandalas are a combination of geometric shapes and symbols that radiate out from a central focus point in various ratios, proportions, and angles. The use of Sacred Geometry in mandala design and creation is quite common. Using shapes, symbols, ratios, patterns, etc. that have special meaning and a history of application in ancient traditions and practices, is a mindful way of incorporating the energies of the esoteric, metaphysical, and spiritual into your mandala.  Mandalas are considered a form of meditation for both the creator and the user/viewer, and can help in focusing one’s being and consciousness on creating a sacred space during a spiritual or metaphysical practice. There are many different cultural and spiritual traditions around the world that use mandalas in their art, sculptures, weavings, carvings, etc. Creating mandalas is a wonderful Mind, Body, Spirit meditation. We can use our mind to choose the shapes, angles and repeaters; your body performs the actual physical act of drawing and coloring; and your spirit connects to the energies of Sacred Geometry and mandalas while entering a quiet and calm meditative state. Mandalas are a beautiful form of intuitive creativity and design. One can enter into an altered state of consciousness by letting go of the thinking, planning, & designing, and instead enter into the intuitive side of creating. If one can come from a place of openness and allowance, then the unexpected beauty of the process and the final product can feel transformative. ​When I create a mandala, I tap in to a person's energy and ask for guidance as to what information they need at this time. It is then that I receive the intuitive information/message and channel a design with sacred geometry to create a unique and completely custom mandala. I now offer a new kind of mandala ... it's called a shadow mandala. Whereas the "light" mandalas come through based on your energy, the "shadow" mandalas come through based on what you need to work on or work through in your life, that you may be suppressing or not acknowledging. This process of acknowledging our triggers, deep emotions, beliefs, programming, etc and working through all of it is called "Shadow Work".  ​People sometimes ask... “What can I do with a Mandala?” You can color them as a form of meditation, use them as a crystal grid, place them under a healing table, gaze at them as a form of meditation, display them in your home or office, or whatever works for you!

Commission a Mandala for yourself, your business, or as a gift!

These mandalas are creatively and intuitively designed just for you, or for someone else as a gift. They are made to order. It may take up to 5-7 days for your mandalas to be created and the files to be emailed to you. The files will be sent to the email address you use to make the payment through.

What you will receive the following 8" x 8" digital files with your $88 purchase:

  • a high resolution .jpg in color (for printing and displaying)

  • a low resolution .jpg in color (for use on screens, as thumbnails, or on social media)

  • a high resolution .jpg black and white outlined mandala (for printing and coloring on your own)

  • If you plan to have your mandala printed larger than 8" x 8" or on canvas or any other large project, please let me know the size so I can send a file that will be the correct size for your project. The files you receive are NOT canvas ready.

Order a Mandala

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