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Mandalas In Action

We love to see you coloring your mandalas or finding unique and creative uses for them!

Rebecca S. beautifully decorated the Vernal Equinox Mandala

Decorating a mandala template

Beth's personal mandala made into an eye popping pillow!

Preparing composition bound Mandala journals for their new homes

Kerry colored in the Crown Chakra Mandala

Banners and planners, ready to be sold at Illumination Center!

Jaime prepares for some relaxing me-time in her sacred space with her color pencil collection and the mandala coloring book

Kimberlee hung the Chakra banner in her office

Kimberlee enjoys an intuitive session with her oracle cards and collage mandala journal. A perfect combo!

Becky created a beautiful crystal grid with her light mandala

Jeanne purchased the Third Eye Chakra Mandala pillow

Don't you just want to lay down here and snuggle?

Shadow Chakra cards under Andrea's healing table at Illumination Center, for an added energetic boost during a healing session

Doing lots of admin work for my business requires lots of positive vibes surrounding me!

The Air Element watercolor mandala, a collaboration between Karen and Kristi Johnston. Every Libra needs one!

Jenn had her shadow mandala printed on a pillow!

Close up of the details of the mandala pillow. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Liz in Natick has quite the collection of chakra mugs going! They are so vibrant!

Working on a Create-Your-Own-Mandala course! Stay tuned!

Karen's Mandala Wall! Experience it in person at Illumination Center, 116 N. Main Street, Mansfield MA

Coloring Mandalas is the perfect mindful meditation! Experience all of the Light and Shadow Chakra Mandalas, as well as the 5 Elements Mandalas.

Find Your WAE in Norton is now displaying the 12" x 12" wall decal Chakra Mandalas!

A close up of the mandalas at Find Your WAE in Norton. The perfect compliment to this Reiki and meditation center!

Kendell showcases the Elements/Platonic Solids Mandala wall tiles, and the 4x4 chakra cards along with all of her other beautiful wall decorations

Alyna from Texas created this awesome healing grid for work on her sacral chakra.

Learning sacred geometry by creating his own mandala

Mandala painting

More mandala painting

This custom mandala looks fabulous on a tumbler!

All kids should have a tumbler with their custom mandala on it!

Coloring a mandala with markers

Time to cut it out and find the perfect place for it

The perfect display spot!

Mel wears her Throat Chakra mask! Double duty!

When you need to re-center at work

Crown Chakra mug while diving deep into Astrology

Sacral Chakra Mug for journaling emotions and feelings

Gorgeous mugs for the balancing of your chakras

Getting products ready for the vendor fair

Coloring pages ready for your meditative coloring

Chakra Mandala table runner making a great home on healing tables

Elements/Platonic Solids table runner on a healing table is another excellent idea


Jill loves her Spirit/Aether mandala sweatshirt! And Ollie loves Jill

My table is all set up and ready for purchases at the December vendor fair hosted by Find Your WAE in Norton

8x8 Chakra wall tiles with magnetic backs. On display at Illumination Center

8x8 wall tiles ready for purchase

Stand on and in front of the chakra mandalas to get the maximum energetic benefit

4 seasons mandala wall tiles on display and for sale at Illumination Center

Sacral Chakra Mandala wall tile in my office

Illumination Class Mandala

I created this Illumination Class Mandala for all of the Illumination courses that are offered at Illumination Center

Decisions, Decisions

Ready to color in my Autumn Mandala. Number 3 in the Seasons Mandala Series

4x4 Chakra cards on display around a gorgeous crystal amplifier

All sizes of Chakra Mandalas for sale at Illumination Center

Chakra Mandala table runner

Table runner is a great addition to healing tables! Visit Illumination Center for a healing session

5 Elements/Platonic Solids Mandala series printed on a table runner

Karen installing the Earth/Hexahedron Mandala. 1 of 5 in the Elements/Platonic Solids Mandala series

Andrea Kukulka, owner of Illumination Center, installs the Elements/Platonic Solids wall decals on the walls of Illumination Center in Mansfield, MA

Almost done with the installation! These wall decals can be removed and replaced up to 100 times.

The finished look. All 5 of the Elements/Platonic Solids wall decals.

Custom Astrology Birth Chart Mandala. Beautifully displayed on a 12x12 canvas.

Mandalas with Friends!

Meditation and Reflection time.

Laser etched custom mandala mounted on reclaimed wood. What a fantastic display!

Side view of laser etched piece. Makes for a really excellent gift also.

Back view of laser etched piece. Contains your mini-reading and a color printout of the mandala that was etched on the front.

Chakra Mandalas all packaged and ready to go home with you!

Phyllis Simonetta's Healing Center has the 4x4 chakra mandalas placed in line under her healing table to help clients in balancing and moving their energy.

Phyllis' custom mandala graces her healing room on a small 6x6 canvas.

Custom healing mandala printed as a decal for the carrying case of a set of crystal tuning forks!

Rob got creative and channeled the perfect colors. LOVING the indigo coloring of the Tree of Life center portion!

For Sale at Illumination Center, Mansfield MA!

A Peaceful Moment of Zen

Root Chakra Crystal Grid - for Deep Grounding

Sacral Chakra Crystal Grid - for Processing Emotions So They Move Through Us Quickly

Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal Grid - Powering Up the Earth Grid and All Beings that Reside In, On, and Above the Earth

Heart Chakra Crystal Grid - Amplifying the Love

Throat Chakra Crystal Grid - To Communicate In a Loving, Honest, Grounded, and Neutral Way

Third Eye Crystal Grid - Enhancing the Connection to All

Crown Chakra Crystal Grid - Creating a Balanced Yet Connected Clear Channel

Meditate while Coloring

Ask Your Intuition Which Card to Choose to Do Some Inner Work

Gazing into the Powerful Energies of the Chakra Mandalas

Creating a Column of Vibration from Feet to Crown

Boosting the Energy of a Healing Session

Ready to Enter and Begin

Magic Healing Table

Inviting Wall Decorations

Enhance your Display

Epic Crystal Grid

Prepare the Healing Table

Chakra Portal of Magic

So many colors to choose from

Coloring with Mommy

Infinity reimagined

Balance and Beauty

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