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Mandala Cards

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Mandala Card Deck Styles

Each deck listed below has been channeled and created for your personal use. Cards are 3.5" round, color printed on both sides on smooth coated cardstock, and come pre-packaged in shrink wrap. The larger card decks come in it's own custom box, while the smaller decks comes in 4" rayon drawstring bags. 

These cards are not waterproof or weatherproof.

These decks are meant to be used intuitively. Meaning that each mandala represents an energy and a frequency. You are meant to pick the cards that you feel most drawn to, then sit with them, meditate with them, do healing or energy work with them on yourself or others, create crystal grids, or use them however you intuit.

See below for examples of how these mandala cards have been implemented into personal and business practices.

Deck In Action Gallery

Mandala Decks in Action Gallery

See how others are using the card decks!

Please send me pictures of how you use your decks and I will feature them here!

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