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Hi there! I am Karen LaCamera. I am a channel, a messenger, and a creative designer of intuitive information. I intuit, design, and present the messages and information that I receive through various creative means, which includes: Mandalas, Akashic Records, and Graphic Design. 

I am also a connector of people. It is one of my passions to intuitively bring people together who are meant to reconnect to their soul families in this lifetime, and also help them to access the deepest parts of themselves so that they can remember who they truly are and can then return to their own Zero Point state of being. 

A few of my gifts, tools, and modalities that I offer are:

  • Akashic Records Reader, Teacher, and Mentor

  • Usui Reiki Master

  • Holy Fire/World Peace Reiki Master

  • Graphic Designer (20+ years)

  • Mandala and Sacred Geometry Channeler


My work/gifts/passion has led me to learn everything I can about different vibrations, frequencies, thought forms, light work, shadow work, consciousness, as well as anything ancient, metaphysical, esoteric, spiritual, and beyond. These skills have led me to be able to channel messages and insights from the Akashic Records and beyond. Being in this space is where I have learned that it need to put my ego aside so that I can channel exactly what information is needed at that time....without filter or judgment on my part. I have done (and still do) my shadow work to be able to get to the deepest parts within myself to be able to hold and anchor the higher frequencies that lead to a raising of consciousness.


I am a mom of 2, dog mom, avid reader, information rabbit-hole junkie, and a perpetual student. I love snarky humor and most of all, I love to laugh.

See testimonials about my work, below.


My creative career began as an Embroidery Digitizer at Universal (a headwear company) which later became Logo7. Logo7 was famous for those "wave" hats worn by football fans back in the day. After a few years of working at Universal, I was hired by the former owner when he opened his new company, Ahead Headgear. It was here at Ahead that I taught myself and mastered 3D digitizing, wrap-around embroidery, and other detailed embroidery solutions for baseball caps. I left Ahead in 1999 to complete my degree in Art/Design from Bridgewater State College so that I could better understand the creation and implementation of the designs and artwork that went into the files I was digitizing. It was after graduation that I was then able to pursue my career in Graphic Design. I started at PSI Group, in Stoughton, MA. PSI Group went through a few changes over the years and ended up becoming Source4. I was involved in all kinds of creative print pieces such as (but not limited to:) business forms, business cards, letterhead and envelopes, invoices, flyers, brochures, parking tickets, banners, signs, posters, promotional products, tee shirts, etc, After years of working here, I left to become a freelance designer, and to raise my family. During this time I began to do freelance design work with RP Graphics, another print company. Most recently, in 2020, I had a huge influx of business women clients who were launching or re-vamping their Healing/Holisitic businesses due to the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine and lockdown. These women were able to go deep within and create or re-create a safe space where they can help others to heal themselves. Throughout this time, I've been guided by my intuition to co-design the perfect logo that embodies my clients business offerings in an energetic and physical manifestation. In addition to this creative work, I've been drawn to creating mandalas. I spent many months wondering how to combine my creative skills with my intuitive skills. One day, at the suggestion of my dear friend Andrea (who said "Why are you always coloring other people's mandalas? You should be creating and coloring your own!"), I sat at my computer and started to create a mandala. I was able to put my over-thinking brain into a holding pattern, which enabled me to tap into the energy of the universe and channel a beautiful mandala using Sacred Geometry and color. I now create different mandala themes, as well as completely custom mandalas for my clients. These are great for coloring, meditating, and displaying.  ​When it comes to design projects, I truly relish the challenge of re-designing existing layouts that do not flow properly and turning them into creative, balanced, organized final products. I enjoy working with clients in designing their projects so that their brand is consistently represented on each printed piece. I also don't hesitate to offer alternate layouts and options when I feel that a design could be better represented. ​Check out my Graphic Design Portfolio link at the top of the page, to see a small sampling of my work.


​I began my spiritual awakening around 2002. After reading the book  "A Woman’s Journey to God: Finding the Feminine Path" by Joan Borysenko, I was intrigued about journeying along one's spiritual path, and utterly enthralled with the prospect of delving more into exactly who Mary Magdalene really was! I began reading any kind of spiritual/metaphysical books that I could get my hands on. Around this time my mom, Jan, really opened the metaphysical door for me by talking about Reiki and healing. As my eyes were opened to this new way of thinking and living, it was serendipitous that I discovered a local holistic shop called “Inner Wisdom”. I spent many hours at the shop taking any and all classes in crystals, oracle cards, mediumship, Reiki, and more. I received my Usui Reiki Level 1 attunement from the owner of the shop, Barb Bryant. During this awakening period, my mom became a Reiki Master and subsequently attuned me to Reiki 2 & Reiki Master in the Usui method. Shortly after I received my attunements, my spiritual / metaphysical journey took a back seat because my new focus became the birth and raising of our children. Time passes (16 years or so) … a last minute decision to go see a famous Spirit Medium in Foxboro in January of 2018 ended up becoming the catalyst for my catapult into further awakening. After just a few hours of being in the presence of such high vibrations, I felt very strongly that I was being called back onto my path to discover more about who I really am and what I am meant to do with my time on earth. The process unfolded at light speed after I discovered a local holistic center formerly called “Center for Holistic and Healing Arts” in Mansfield, MA, where I took more classes and workshops, and where I became a Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher with Andrea Kukulka. I was also trained in the Akashic Records by Kristi Johnston. At the Center, I also took part in the first ever Light Connection Practitioner class. I later received an alignment to the new healing energy modality of "IlluminationTM" from Andrea. ​Since 2019, I have delved deep into the realm of Consciousness and the Quantum Field ... or as I like to call it The Field of Potential. I am continuously learning to discern between different vibrations, frequencies, thought forms, light work, shadow work, consciousness, etc. These new skills have led me to be able to channel messages and insights from those in the higher vibrating dimensions, as well as to dive deep into the Akashic and Amenti Records and the Field of Potential. I have learned to get my ego out of the way and to channel exactly what information you need at that time....without filter or judgement on my part. I have done (and still do) an enormous amount of shadow work to be able to get to the deepest parts within myself to be able to hold and anchor the higher frequencies that lead to a raising of consciousness. As my dear friend and soul sister Andrea always says: "You can only go as high as you go low."  ​In my view, we are already perfect and whole forms of consciousness. We are sparks of the fire of God/Source. Yet there is plenty that we need to become aware of to change our perspective as we have our experiences in a physical body. And this experiential process of dealing with emotions and feelings (which are not available to us in higher frequencies) leads to what can be considered a "healing process" of awakening, acknowledging, integrating and/or releasing of attachments. This comes about through a perspective change that comes upon the heels of the original awareness. Whether it be something we discover through our Shadow work (our triggers and projections), through our relationships with others, through our work in the Akashic Records or other modalities ... this perspective change is what helps us expand energetically and achieve the higher consciousness that we embody within our core selves.


When we say Soul, what exactly do we mean? Our soul is our true self. Our soul is our bright point of consciousness, a drop in the ocean of Source, a spark in the flame of God. Our soul is a divine, sovereign creation breathed directly from Source to experience all that existence have to offer through our own unique physical filter. Our Soul needed a place to call home while playing in this third dimensional reality, and so our bodies were created to complement each incarnation and the experiences we/Source wanted to play around with. Within each of our bodies, our soul needed a "home base"... somewhere to be present at all times and during all experiences while still maintaining our connection to the Soul collective that exists within Source/God. That space in our physical bodies is in our heart center. Some call it the high heart, the heart chakra, the heart space. Whatever name you give it, it's all the's the Seat of the Soul, the Hridian Center, the core of who we truly are. If you are of a Christian background, a good visual to describe this is the image of the Sacred Heart of Christ. He knew who he really was at a soul level and lived from that space with full access to the Christ Consciousness. The Soul lives in our ENTIRE body, not JUST the heart center....that's just the place where it is tethered into our being. The Soul is of the highest of frequency and therefore our hearts are the space where we call forth our true Soul selves. From here we radiate our God/Source selves as neutrality, non-judgment, bliss, etc. We ripple these out from our heart space to the rest of our body, to the space we occupy, to the people we come in contact with, to nature and animals, to our communities, and to the earth at large. Imagine how we could all change the world if we came at everything through our heart space. This radiating of our energy is called our Toroidal Field and is commonly referred to as our Aura. Getting to that level of the highest frequency of consciousnesses and back to knowing our true, divine self is what we call an "awakening" or the process of "enlightenment". It starts with realizing that you are so much more than your physical body and circumstances. It starts with knowing that there is something more to you. And it continues with a process of discovery of self. This is the time when we realize that we are not the lower 3rd dimensional dense consciousnesses and thought forms of fear, anxiety, depression, hate, anger, jealousy, judgement, attachment, etc. that we participate in on a daily basis. There is an absolute need for us to work with those denser emotions and figure out why they affect us so. We do our shadow work in this way. It is an equal part of us that cannot and should not be ignored. Spiritual bypassing of only dealing with the "light" can lead to an unbalanced way of being. The suppressed parts of us will only scream louder to be heard and acknowledged. We are the sum of ALL of our parts.  Our soul exists in a multidimensional state at all times, while our physical body is firmly rooted in this conditional third dimensional reality by being place in an energetic holding field called a Merkabah. Along with the 3rd dimension comes a literal playground of the lower density consciousnesses and thought forms mentioned above. It is here where we have the hardest time remembering who we truly are because we are bombarded with so many choices and experiences. Some of those choices and experiences are those that our soul has decided to either try for the first time in this particular earth incarnation, or to try again to see if another perception of that experience can be had. If it's the latter, then that means we have an attachment to something we experienced in another lifetime, are experiencing in a parallel lifetime, or are accessing as a future potential. I believe that we are shaped by our experiences in all of our soul's incarnations. We also can come from a place where we have chosen to carry on ancestral trauma that could go back for generations upon generations. It is the attachment to these lower density consciousnesses and thought forms, and our human emotions that sometimes need help to be "healed". Of course the attachments we have in this lifetime can affect our interactions with others, as well as with ourselves. Our soul and our spirit family are gently trying to get our attention and guide us through this maze of emotions and feelings. This can happen through synchronicities, such as seeing the same number over and over, feeling the invisible loving presence of another being beside us, getting that intuitive hit or "knowing", etc. Or it can happen when we find we are triggered by something that someone has said or done, and thus causes us to do some deep thinking to find out why that trigger is there. It can even happen when we project our issues onto others....who so graciously (and unknowingly) mirror it back to us so that we can see it literally right in front of our face. This work is called "shadow work" and a lot of times is rooted in attachment to past life issues that we brought forth with us into this lifetime, or the ancestral traumas that are coming up to be healed once and for all ... for all past and future generations.  As we achieve the higher frequencies that are already stored within our multidimensional soul self, we begin to look at life through a new lens, a way of being that consists of a complete lack of judgement. As we continue this process of constant "awakening" we transform all of who we are into a being that energetically mirrors Source. Our consciousness expands and we are able to be more multidimensional, and less dimensional. Remember ... Source, the Field of Potential, is always within us and surrounding us. We do not have to reach out beyond the very core of ourselves to have access to that which is innately within and part of us. We are naturally designed to align with our truest self, which is our Source self.  Congratulations if you made it this far! That was alot reading on your part. You have just read my core beliefs. If they doesn't resonate with you then it's OK!!!! Either way, now you know where I'm coming from when I do a reading or create any kind of artwork for anyone.



"Karen puts the same love and caring into her design work as she does into her energy work. I’ve worked with her in both fields. She’s done a few graphic designs for my business that are absolutely stunning! She’s also done soul retrieval, Akashic Records, meditations, Reiki, and more for me. I can honestly highly recommend Karen and her work. You’ll know what I’m trying to say once you’ve booked her."

Andrea Kukulka,
Owner of Illumination Center

"Karen is amazing! She went into the Akashic Records for me and I was able to heal some Ancestral Trauma. It was incredible. I highly recommend her and I can’t wait to do it again!"

Melanie Sprague,
Owner of  Soul Code Alchemy

"What I love about working with Karen is that she she can balance and integrate various modalities within one session for a unique healing experience that cannot be put into words. I came to her seeking an akashic records reading and she was also able to channel a light connection experience through me combined with a reiki session and more! Though words do not truly do it justice, Karen's energy healing practice is holistic in the most complete way I can express..."

Michele Morris,

Owner of  Whole Flower Consulting

Karen’s access to the akasha and the quantum field is unique.  She receives information and vivid images which she conveys through descriptive language that resonates.  Karen’s reading for me opened me up to understanding why past lives matter to us, when I hadn’t had much use for the concept before.

John S.,

Owner of Financial From the Heart,

Writer of Essential Bridge Blog

I had the pleasure of working with Karen LaCamera from Align by Design on my business logo. I started with a very crude drawing of what I wanted and she turned it into magic! Karen is very intuitive, patient and an amazing artist. She will work with you on as many drafts as it takes to make sure everything is perfect. Karen’s uses her intuition to make sure the artwork truly comes from your heart. When I saw the final draft tears came to my eyes as I realized how beautifully the logo represents my business and soul. I highly recommend working with Karen on your logo or any other graphic designs!

Jill McLoughlin,

Owner of Quantum Soul Healing

I am astounded each time Karen goes into the Akashic records for me! Her energy is like a big, safe, warm hug. She has helped me to recognize areas where I feel stuck and then lovingly healed and integrated the various pieces of myself back together. I am so grateful for the container that Karen holds for me. I was very new to the Akashic records when I found Karen, and she has truly opened me up to new possibilities. If you're at all curious about the Akashic records, definitely schedule a session with Karen!

Angela Lee,

Personal Development and Career Coach

Graphic Design:

Karen is an incredibly talented graphic designer. She has a beautiful gift of combining her intuition with the needs of her clients to create a perfect outcome. She expertly and intuitively redesigned my website to fit perfectly with the recent upgrades in my business. I couldn't be happier! Karen also patiently taught me how to work with many unfamiliar aspects of my website. I am so grateful! She also helped me create my new logo.  Her insights were just what I needed to get to the next step. I just love it!


The healing:

Karen is a master healer with phenomenal gifts. She has helped me heal deeply on a soul level through Akashic Records readings, soul retrieval and soul contract work as well as with her unique energy healing techniques. Karen is a fantastic listener and it is so easy to feel accepted in her presence. My life is infinitely better because of Karen and her gifts."

"I reached out to the amazing Karen LaCamera and had my first intuitively guided mandala reading. It was amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the moment I saw the completed mandala I was moved.  At first it challenged me but as I started journaling about what I was experiencing and feeling when I looked at it, it answered so many questions for me. The timing was divinely guided as well because I received it the evening before taking my Reiki Holy Fire Master Teacher training and there in the center was a very meaningful image. Thank you Karen.  Amazing!"

Jeanne R,

Owner of Renewal Therapeutic Massage

Design work: "I had the pleasure of working with Karen LaCamera from Align by Design on my business logo. I started with a very crude drawing of what I wanted and she turned it into magic! Karen is very intuitive, patient and an amazing artist. She will work with you on as many drafts as it takes to make sure everything is perfect. Karen’s uses her intuition to make sure the artwork truly comes from your heart. When I saw the final draft tears came to my eyes as I realized how beautifully the logo represents my business and soul. I highly recommend working with Karen on your logo or any other graphic designs!"

Akashic Records reading: "Karen did an Akashic reading on my son and it was amazing!  He was going through a period of impossible behaviors. We were both triggering each other & I felt like I was having tantrums right back at him.

I spoke with Karen about it and felt like I needed to know more about what was going on with him at another level.  She did an Akashic record reading on him and sent me the recording of what she discovered. I listened to it several times to take it all in. The insights she shared were so helpful.  She helped me to see him in a different enough light that gave me a new understanding of this son that I love soooooo much.  It also helped me to better understand the dynamic between my husband and my son which has also been incredibly helpful!

Karen’s ability to understand and put you at ease while talking through stuff that’s intensely private and personal is just one of her many attributes. Super compassionate and very kind are two more words that I would use to describe her."

Casey Kerr,

Owner of Find Your ROAR &

Wing Women Nation

"I was a little set back at first from the energy of the business mandala that I commissioned from Karen, only because it’s SO powerful.  I am so grateful for Karen's help over the last year in helping me network my brand of healing.   

Karen channels energy in a profound way, she created my logo,  my website, certified me in accessing and reading the Akashic Record and now this powerful Mandala.


I am truly grateful for her direction and push over the last year because I was a little overwhelmed on where to begin. This Mandala just pulled the last year all together. She makes my soul insanely happy. I thank her from the bottom of my heart."

Becky Kennedy,

Owner of Inner Beauty Wellness

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