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From brochures and flyers to business cards, promotional products to banners, tee shirts to business forms ... I do it all. I will work with you to create the perfectly intuited and inspired pieces to align with the vision, mission, and needs of your business.

Design Rate: $75/hour (for all print, publications, websites, apparel,

promotional products: includes all proofing, changes, color options, and final art files for both print and screen/social media).

Production Rate: $50/hour for straight typing, proofreading, and production style set up.

Logos: I am no longer doing logo design from scratch. If you have an idea already sketched out (whether it's in your head or on a napkin), I am happy to help you bring your logo to life. See design rate above

Contact: Send me an email and let me know what kind of design services you are looking for. Let's chat and find out what will work best for you.

Align your vision with your business's mission!


NOTE: I did not create these logos from scratch. Portions of them already existed and I helped to bring them to the next level of creativity. The logo on the left is the original art supplied by the customer, the new logo version on the right represents my changes.