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Japanese Castle


Who doesn't love a free offering! Please take a look at what's available to you and feel free to download for your personal use.

Ground and Connect Guided MeditationKaren LaCamera
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Labyrinth - 2.jpg

This downloadable and printable labyrinth is the perfect meditation. You can color or decorate the outlines of the path before you begin your journey to the center.

Mandala - Spring - outlines screen.jpg

This downloadable and printable seasonal Spring mandala is another great way to meditate and/or be creative. 

Mandala template quarter inch circles 8x8 24 sections.jpg

This downloadable and printable mandala template comes with circles, a grid, and pie pieces all designed to help you create your own mandala from scratch. Interested in more templates? Head to my shop to purchase my Create-Your-Own Mandala workbook. Now available from Amazon.

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