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Mandala Workshops

In this 2 hour workshop we will learn about: a brief history of mandalas, sacred geometry, how I started to create mandalas, my current creation process, how and why mandalas are used, and how to begin creating/channeling your own. Participants can begin working on provided templates as soon as they feel comfortable. 

Interested in hosting a workshop at your place of business? Scroll down for more info.

Host a Workshop

Email Karen for Available Dates:


  • 2 hours

    • 1 hour for: welcome, Karen’s bio, supplies and handouts review, participant intros, PowerPoint presentation, Q&A

    • 1 hour for: short ground/connect meditation and mandala creation


Supplies Karen provides during workshop (not for take home by participants): Curve rulers, Straight rulers, Shape Templates, Pencils, Fine Point Pens, Markers / Gel Pens / Watercolor Pens, Colored Pencils, Clipboards, Graph Paper, Blank Paper

Included with course price (participants to take home):

  • Create-Your-Own Mandala Workbook ($15 value)

  • 4 pieces of  3.5” blank cards in 3 different shapes: Circle, Hexagon, Square ($2.00 value)

  • Free take-home handouts that go with course material:

    • Arch shapes tracing template

    • 4x4 circle template 

    • 8x8 circle template 

    • Grid paper

    • Traceable 8x8 mandala template

    • Decorate 8x8 mandala template

Add Ons You Can Purchase (either in-person or shipped to you):

  • Extra Create-Your-Own Mandala Workbook ($15)

  • 3.5” blank cards in 3 different shapes: Circle, Hexagon, Square ($ .50 each)

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