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The Akashic Records are the energetic recording of every thought, action, feeling, deed, emotion, decision, etc. that any soul in every incarnation has ever made in the entirety of time and space. Yep, that’s a lot of information. Good thing its contained on the biggest hard drive of all, with unlimited bytes, also known as the Quantum Field!


In an Akashic Records Reading, I will help you receive guidance and information from your records, as well as messages from Spirit, Higher Self, guides, spirit family, galactic family, soul group, universe, guides, Angels, Arch-Angels, Ascended Masters, God/Source, Elementals, The Lords of the Records, ancestors, deceased loved ones, pets, my higher self and guides, non-physical beings of different kinds, etc.). You come to the reading with questions regarding what's happening in your life right now, and what would like to have some deeper insight on. Here is a list of some of the possible questions you could ask in a reading.

Are you ready to do the deep work? What comes up during a typical Akashic Records reading is that your Higher Self shines a spotlight on what you've been through in other soul incarnations, what your ancestors have been through in their incarnations, and what emotional and spiritual baggage you have dragged with you into this lifetime... and how all of that is affecting you now and possibly linked to some of your current issues. For a reading like this, prepare to dig deep and get a whole new awareness, and thus a whole new perspective while you acknowledge, integrate and/or release in order to move past certain issues that are plaguing you in your now moments. It's one thing to understand how your other incarnations are affecting your present life. It's a whole other ball of wax to get that information PLUS messages from your guides PLUS valuable insight into how it applies to your consciousness' ascension and expansion, and understanding your Soul's mission(s).

Want to learn more interesting information about the Akashic Records? Visit the Info Page Here!

Are you interested in learning how to read the records for yourself and/or others? I offer a self-paced online mentorship course! Visit the Course Page Here!

Akashic Records Reading Options

  1. Once I receive your payment and your question(s) that are submitted (see below), I will email you back the reading in a voice recorded mp4 format within 3-5 days. Typically recordings will be sent in less than 24 hours, based on my volume of bookings.

  2. If you have selected to book a 1/2 hour follow-up phone call, I will email you my Calendly booking link along with your voice recorded reading, and I will call you at the provided phone number in the link, at the appointed time.

  3. Consider that when I do a reading, I like to go into your records without any specific or detailed knowledge regarding the questions you are asking. So please don't go into a detailed description about why you are asking this question. I like to go into your records without any preconceived ideas, or any additional information. I try to keep it as pure a process as possible.

Book a Reading

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Questions you may want to ask during a Reading:

I do not receive any answers to your questions in a yes or no format, nor will I give you any specific answer to a questions that starts with "Should I" ... that would be a violation of our free will and freedom of choice.

Please note that I can only read for the people who give their permission. Which means I cannot go into anyone else's records to tap too deeply into their energy but yours during a reading. I can tap into that other person's higher self, and if they give permission then I will include them in the reading. This usually only happens with parents, spouses and children.


Some questions that you may want to consider asking are:

  1. What do I need to know right now?

  2. What ancestral issues/karma is happening in regards to X in my life that might need some healing?

  3. Why am I always doing this same thing over and over that never gets me anywhere? Why am I stuck in this same pattern?

  4. What past lives need to be revealed and healed?

  5. What is my soul's purpose at this time?

  6. What is the next step on my path?

  7. What needs to be revealed about about my relationship with X? How can I bring about healing in this relationship?

  8. What past traumas need to healed and released?

  9. Why do some fears keep coming up for me? And how can I release them?

  10. What is holding me back in this particular area of my life? And how can I move past it?

  11. What can I do to shift my energy?

  12. What can I do to lift my vibration?

  13. Where does this health issue that I have, stem from? Is there something in my energy field/past that needs to be released?

  14. What are some of my gifts/powers/abilities that I can tap into at this time?

  15. Are there any messages from my guides/ancestors?


Important things to consider before booking:

  • You will not get a yes or no answer from Spirit. Our life is based on free choice/ free will, and Spirit would never take that right away from you. You will however, receive bountiful guidance.

  • The questions you ask may be about yourself, not anyone else. Unless their express permission is given, I cannot access their records or energy field. There may be some overlap with some souls in regards to your reading, and their higher selves may allow some minor details to come through regarding your relationship, as long as that other person's higher self gives permission. 

  • I am not a medical doctor. I work with energy. I will not give any diagnosis on any health condition. During your reading you may ask what is energetically related to this condition, but you will not be given medical instructions of any kind.

  • This session will most likely bring up emotions and feelings for you to deal with during and after. Are you willing to do the work to help yourself heal and move through and beyond, by doing this work?

  • During a session, as I get messages or visit your Akashic Records, there may be many pauses in my speech as I try to translate what I am hearing / seeing / feeling / experiencing so that you can be as involved as possible in what Spirit wants you to know. Please bear with me as I attempt to articulate what I am receiving for you so that I do not miss any details that may be important.

  • You will hear me refer to "Them" or "They". I am referring to your guides, your Higher Self, your spirit or galactic family, angels, ancestors, ascended masters, etc. These beings will not always identify themselves in a specific way because most of the time I am tapping into a consciousness that does not have a name or identifiable physical form. 

Why is this reading different from other
Akashic Record readings?

This type of session that I offer may be a bit different than what you have heard about or are used to from having previous Akashic Records readings. The reasons why I offer shorter voice recordings that are emailed are:

  1. With the recording, you may pause and go back to hear anything again at any time. You can listen to it as many times as you need to. Each time you may uncover something that you didn't hear before. It is a permanent record that you may refer back to at any time. If you are a note-taker, it's easier to pause the recording and write instead of scribbling furiously if we were having an actual conversation. PLEASE NOTE: The recordings are rather large files and can only be emailed to you via a link. The link is only active for 30 days so be sure to download the recording before it gets deleted on the server. I do not keep past recordings.

  2. Some of the information that I bring forth can create a very visceral, emotional response. Having the recording will give you time to stop or pause and digest the information and come to terms with any traumas that have been uncovered. Simply said, you may need time before you can talk about it.

  3. You will have time to gather your thoughts regarding feedback for me about the information you received, and any other questions that come up after having listened multiple times. During a typical Akashic Records live phone or in-person reading, there is a lot of information, emotions, and questions ... and things can be forgotten in order for all of it to be covered in a specific time frame. 

  4. If you feel the need to discuss what information you were given in your recording, you have the option to purchase a 1/2 hour live discussion phone call. 

  5. It is very rare that I get the single question from a client: "What do I need to know right now?" For the most part, my readings end up gathering the information you need for all of your multiple, seemingly unrelated (to you) questions. The information that I retrieve for you, more often than not, contains 1 or 2 specific incarnations that encompasses guidance for ALL of your questions combined. Once this information is released through me to you, the Records often close because there is so much for you to digest with what you were just given ... and any further information would not be a benefit to you until you have dealt with the weaving of questions and incarnations that were just revealed. This process can be compared to peeling back the layers of the onion. I feel this is because once you have heard the initial Akashic Records information, it will be necessary for you to integrate those incarnations ... and only then can other records and information be revealed and worked through. It's like a slow climb, or "Level-Up". You can't get to the 5th step until you go up steps 1, 2, 3, and 4. So if you only learned about a few of your other incarnations, this could be the reason why.



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