Learn more about the Akashic Records

Fun Fact #1

The Akashic Records contain all past incarnations, present parallel lifetimes, and even future potentials? Our souls (higher selves) have-been/are/will-be very busy! And to blow your mind even more ... all of them are happening NOW!

Fun Fact #5

Integration leads to Unity! The best description I've ever heard of how pieces can merge into the whole is the Disco Ball analogy from Lyssa Royal Hunt. She likens the disco ball to being Source/God. Each tiny piece of mirror around the disco ball shines outward and is not aware of, or dependent on the other. When each piece of mirror starts shining it's light in tandem with the others, it creates a beautiful connected and unified display of rainbow colors!

We can think of our Soul self in the same way! Our soul is the disco ball, the mirrors are all of our past and parallel lives. So when we go into the Akashic Records to start integrating pieces of ourselves back into the whole, we then become aware of each other piece and how powerful we are when we all work together! Even the pieces that might have a chip or a smudge! They still shine their light and are able to help make a whole complete, beautiful, projection out into the world.

Fun Fact #9

Contracts: When we came into this life, we did so by making “contracts” with other people. These contracts help to guide us into and through the most intense and exciting possible experiences.... but that doesn’t mean the experiences are always filled with love and light. Did you know that you can take a look back into your records and see who has been with you for many lifetimes (or sometimes just this one!), trying to help you get the most out of one particular experience? It could be a male energy who constantly puts you down and challenges your self worth. Or it could be a female energy who is consistently your horrible boss. These other people contract in with us so that we can get the most out of each lifetime, based on what issue we choose to experience before we incarnate. Contracts are fluid and energetic, they are not written in stone. You have the ability to re-write or void any contract that no longer serves your highest purpose. And this can be done while working in your Akashic Records. It’s a process that takes place between your higher self and the other persons higher self, it is not done in the physical realm in-person.

Fun Fact #13

Have you ever had a dream where you just know that the people in it with you are not the people that they appear to be? For instance, your sister in the dream is actually your mother in this life. They look different but you can just feel that you know who they really are. And you are puzzled in the dream or as you are waking up because you can’t quite explain why that person looked and acted differently than you know them to be in your waking life. Those are not really “dreams”, those are your Akashic records! And you are visiting them for whatever information is necessary for you to have in those moments. Not all dreams are Akashic Records... “Dreams”, or “night time sleep happenings” can also be your brain sorting out the things that happened to you during the day, or even your soul heading into the crazy playground of the Astral Realm.

Fun Fact #2

The Akashic Records are the energetic recording of every thought, action, feeling, deed, emotion, decision, etc that any soul has ever made in the entirety of time and space? Yep, that’s a lot of information. Good thing its contained on the biggest hard drive with unlimited bytes, also known as the Quantum Field!

Fun Fact #6

Its not always about you, ya know. well, in this case it’s kind of true! Ancestral trauma can get stuck in our very DNA and become a big part of the issues we deal with on a daily basis.


Sometimes we can try every possible way to fix an issue but it just keeps persisting.


Going into your Akashic Records can shed some light on traumas that your ancestors dealt with, and that you have dutifully yet unknowingly carried forth along the family line.


Once those issues are brought to light, they can be dealt with once and for all so that it ends with you, and doesn’t get carried on through future generations.

Fun Fact #10

Deja-vu ... you know that feeling. It's like you can predict what's about to happen next because you feel like you already lived it before. Well, in fact, you ARE living it!


Deja-vu is when our current lifetime momentarily crosses or intersects a parallel lifetime, and in that parallel lifetime you are having almost the same exact experience. Wouldn't it be so cool to be able to figure out what happened on the other end, just before and just after you both intersected?


Having this experience means that you have unwittingly accessed your own Akashic Records by having that moment of clarity, knowing that there is something more that is happening to you, even though you don't know exactly what / where / when it is!

Fun Fact #14

Delivering the traumatic news. This is always a tough one for the reader. Sometimes we see extreme lifetimes with traumas that we hesitate to explain.


I’ve argued with my guides many times over why I should tell my client this horrible thing that they went through in a past life. And my guides always say “this is what they need to know right now to help them deal with their current issues. And we wouldn’t give you any information for them that they aren’t ready for”. I’ve become a good little listener and now I no longer hesitate because I’ve seen the release and healing that bringing these traumas to light, can bring. For example (not an actual client) ... how could I tell a client that she was burned and tortured and drowned in many lifetimes, accused of being evil and a witch, simply because she lived her truth? Little did I know that she was currently going through some current issues in her life about self worth and fear that were directly related to these past lives. Once she got to acknowledge that she had major emotional attachments to those lifetimes, she was able to do some important shadow work, contract revisions, and jump some timelines... and her healing process moved pretty quick. Through this healing and releasing, she was able to create space in her life to move to the next level of herself and welcome in joy and abundance. Now that is not a real client’s problem but it covers various readings I’ve done, all rolled into one.


The moral of the story is that ALL parts of us and our experiences (past, present, and future) have value and ALL of them must be integrated to complete the whole.


Fun Fact #3

Now that you know you can’t change a record, here’s a mind-bender for you.... YOU, the creator of your reality, can CHANGE THE OUTCOME of that record! Yes, you have the power to change your course! Through contract re-negotiations, voiding contracts, ancestral work, creating and jumping onto new timelines, healing your emotional attachments to records, and more! All can be done within your Akashic Records in the Quantum Field. You powerful creator, you.

Fun Fact #7

Live in the moment, and live your joy and your passion! Great advice, right? Need a little boost in that area? We can access your records to find lifetimes where you lived your joy and passion, and then you can draw the energy and emotions from that lifetime into this one! Why not find what else you were amazing at and see if it sparks something within this now moment. And as a bonus.... what you put out into the universe, the universe sends back to you (That’s the Law of Attraction) so you have the potential to attract even more joy and passion if that is your current focus!

Fun Fact #11

There can be much healing done while in the Akashic Records. But almost more importantly is the healing process that takes place afterwards! Healing comes from within, and once a particular record(s) has been brought into the light you can dig deep and begin the process. The process of healing centers around that particular record(s) and all the ways that its information and its emotional attachments manifest in your current now moments.

Are you still stuck on the “Healing comes from within” part? Yes, YOU have the power to heal yourselves... nobody else can do it for you. That doesn’t mean you are alone in trying to deal with this. There are plenty of energy practitioners who can help you shift and move the energy associated with those records. You may feel drawn to certain tools or modalities. That’s your intuition telling you that those are good ways for you to shift things around and thus be able to move forward in your life.

There are so many options available to you: crystals, Reiki, Illumination, mediumship, massage, talk therapy, yoga, meditation, drumming, self care, essential oils, hypnosis, etc. A practitioner will be able to help you get to that place within yourself where you can move through the healing process and ultimately heal yourself.

Fun Fact #15

How is a Past Life Akashic Records reading different from a Past Life Regression? In a past life regression, you are taken back to a lifetime where you are basically re-living something that you've already been through... emotions and all. You see what happened directly through your own eyes at that particular time, including all of the feelings, emotions, etc. In an Akashic Records reading, your past life is described to you (you may feel drawn in to some of the experience) but you are either energetically dulled or removed from the feeling/emotion part of it. So instead of re-living the feelings and emotions of that time, you are able to be one step removed so that you can heal the attachment to those feelings and emotions that you brought through into this lifetime.


This can be useful if there is a traumatic lifetime that comes up for review. There aren't alot of people who want to re-live every aspect of a traumatic experience! Of course a skilled Past Life Regressionist will be able to assist you through the feelings and emotions that come up, so make sure you really resonate with your practitioner. But if you are looking more for information as opposed to experience then an Akashic Records reading might be just the thing for you!

Fun Fact #4

Everyone accesses the Akashic Records in a different way. Some people directly channel the Lords of the Records, some see visuals like on a movie screen, some get feelings or energetic nudges, some even get sensory input through their 5 senses, some hear words, some get information directly downloaded through their third eye, some people become the subject of the reading and see/feel everything through that subject's eyes! Every person is unique, and therefore everyone who accesses the records does so in a very interesting and unique way! 

Fun Fact #8

The records are a permanent recording and cannot be “deleted”. There are, however, plenty of ways you can work with them! The records themselves are typically not the issue anyway... since they are simply a recording. It’s our emotional attachment to the issues and traumas that are carried within the records that get us every time. So when I work in the Akashic Records with you, we focus on: perceiving, reviewing, integrating, and releasing the emotional attachments. Thus the records become just that, a record of something that happened that is now being viewed with neutrality.

Fun Fact #12

Shadow work. Does that word give you the shivers? It’s actually a necessary part of achieving a higher vibration. Shadow work consists of integrating the parts of ourselves that seem darker, denser, lower... but in actuality are simply experiences of various consciousnesses that we are participating in that may be of a lower vibration than where we would prefer to be. So let’s say you are getting triggered by something that keeps happening at home, which happens so easily in these pandemic quarantine times. Your shadow work would consist of recognizing that trigger, figuring out what/why you are projecting onto that other person/situation, and acknowledging it so that you can release your attachment to it. There is much shadow work that can be done in our present moments, but shadow work can also lead you to take a look into your Akashic Records to help you peel back the layers of density and trauma that are contributing to what you are dealing with now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the energetic recording of everything that has ever happened to anyone in the entirety of the conscious universe, ever. It is the clearing-house of information that includes, but is not limited to: thoughts, feelings, actions, experiences, words, interactions, etc.


These recordings started at the beginning of Source splitting itself up into fragments of consciousness. Even though these recordings encompass all of the “past”, they also encompass all that is happening now, and in the parallel nows, as well as all unlimited future potentials.


When one becomes attuned to entering the Akashic Records, they are able to “read” them, which is another way of saying that they are able to get the information that you need and then report it back to you and that particular information is that which Source/Spirit/Your Higher Self believes you need to know at that time for your highest, best and greatest good.

What is Source?

Source is the ultimate beginning of ALL before the creation of anything. Source, or God/Universe/Spirit as some like to say, is the beginning and the end (the Alpha and the Omega), the I AM presence that is also expressed as ALL THAT IS. Source is a completely neutral state being that is of non-judgment, neutrality, fathomless love, and the container of all possibility and potential. Source is creation and destruction. Source is every single soul, dimension, frequency, vibration, universe, atom,, wave, particle, etc. 

What is Vibration & Frequency?

A vibrational pattern that vibrates fast would have a higher frequency, and a slower vibration would equal a lower frequency.  A lower frequency can feel heavy, while a higher frequency has a lighter, easier feel to it. This applies to not just sound, but also emotions and energy. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a powerful yet gentle and relaxing healing modality that has been downloaded to this earth for the healing of all.


In the 1900’s, Dr. Mikao Usui, was gifted with this healing knowledge from Spirit/Source, and he slowly trained others so that Reiki could be disseminated around the globe.


Today Reiki is used in healing sessions all over the earth in varying forms, such as Karuna, Usui, and Holy Fire.


All Reiki comes from the same source but is filtered through each practitioner’s own personal energy to assist others in healing themselves.


Holy Fire Reiki is a Reiki upgrade that was brought to our planet through William Lee Rand.

Please visit the official Reiki website for more information:   www.reiki.org/

What are Mandalas?

Mandalas are a visual tool containing various uses of repeating geometric shapes and angles, symbols, spiritual icons, colors, etc.  They include the use of Sacred Geometry and can be used as a tool for quieting the mind, creating a spiritual or quiet place to focus on and thus either meditate or contemplate. Mandalas can also be used as a beautiful visual display to enhance the energy of an office, home, or public space.

What is the Toroidal Field?

The toroidal field is an electromagnetic energetic field that emanates from a center place and loops around like a donut that continuously creates an energetic flow that returns to the center and loops out again, think of an infinity loop.

We have this field emanating from our heart centers. It is our own field of potential that comes straight from the center of our being and our connection to Source. As it loops around, it appears as our aura.

What is  Illumination?

Illumination™  is a brand new form of healing that has been delivered to us for our times. It works on a vibrational wave that all of us are now ready for. It's an energy that is far beyond balancing and easing the human.
You see, unlike other modalities, it does not come through the practitioner. It is held by the practitioner. The human body can not yet hold this very high vibration, therefore, we as practitioners bring the energy of Illumination™ down and hold it, similar to holding space,  in order to use it. The Illumination™ flame will essentially burn away all the unnecessary bits and pieces that you carry that are getting in your way of you reaching your full vibrational wave. The flame will reach into your soul to bring forward the leftover parts that your soul has been carrying for lifetimes. It has a way of reaching into your soul contract and soul family experiences to calm the parts that may still be inflamed or lingering. You might even think of it as a shortcut to soul healing.

This flame intensely burns off what doesn't serve you. Not only on the surface of what your human BEing is experiencing but all the way up into your soul.

Learn more about Illumination™ here. 

What is the Field of Potential?

The Field of Potential is another way of describing the Quantum Field, or the Field of Creation. At it's very core, this field is the raw potential of Source waiting to be co-created into anything at all. We all have access to this field, in fact we all use it every day when we decide to participate in different consciousnesses or experiences. What we think, feel, emote, speak, act on sends out a vibration into the Field of Potential and attracts it's similar particles and waves and thus gives us access to create on a physical or energetic level. Be careful what you wish for!

What is Channeling?

In most cases, channeling refers to the act of being an open conduit through which those in Spirit (in other dimensions) can disseminate messages and information through you.  Some people channel passed loved ones, ancestors, angels, ascended masters, non-physical beings of all vibration levels, elementals, etc. If they are out there and you are an open channel then they love to work with/through you! 

Some channelers go into a trance, others can record or type a message coming from beyond as soon as it starts coming through. Still others can channel messages through their artwork, drawings, creative writings, physical movement and gestures, etc. 

Learning discernment is an important process to determine that who are channeling is of a high, loving, vibration and only has your highest and best interest in mind.

What is the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life is a design that contains the overlapping of 19 circles of the same size that create a sacred geometric shape and represent the creation of all things and how we are all interconnected. It appears as a flower-like grid. 

Two overlapping circles create the Vesica Piscis. Three circles create the Tripod of Life. The Seed of Life consists of 7 overlapping circles. 13 touching but not overlapping circles contain the Egg of Life. Finally, a total of 19 circles create the Flower of Life.