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These astrology mandalas are creatively designed just for you based on your astrology chart. They are made to order. You can provide your own chart, or I will refer you to Liz Reef, astrologer, who will create your chart for you and then I will create your corresponding mandala.

Astrology Mandalas can be custom made for your or for someone else as a gift. You are welcome to provide your own chart, or you can book a session with Liz Reef, my favorite astrologer (who also reads Tarot, and is a fantastic Soul Coach). She will prepare your natal chart or other chart and go over it all with you during a 90 minute intuitive chart reading session. The chart and reading combined is $200 (Astrology chart and reading is $150, Mandala is $50). 

What you will receive with your $200 purchase:

  • your natal (or other) astrological chart

  • a 90 minute Zoom session with Liz to go over your chart

  • an 8" x 8"  high resolution .jpg color mandala (for printing and displaying)

  • an 8" x 8"  low resolution .jpg color mandala (for use on screens, as thumbnails, or on social media)

  • an 8" x 8"  high resolution .jpg black and white outlined mandala (for printing and coloring on your own)

  • a channeled message which includes information regarding the Sacred Geometry, layout, colors, and process regarding the creation of your unique, custom mandala. I channel this message from tapping into the field of Source potential, as well as passing along messages and information that comes from your guides and higher self. Text will be emailed along with the mandala.

  • If you plan to have your mandala printed larger than 8" x 8" or on canvas, please let me know the size so I can send a file that will be the correct size for your project. The files you receive are NOT canvas ready.


Please email Liz directly to book an astrology chart/reading. When Liz is done creating your chart, she will pass the information on to me so that I can create the mandala. Email:


Once your chart has been created, it may take up to 3-5 additional days for your mandala to be created, and for the files to be emailed to you. The files will be sent to the email address you use to book with Liz.

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