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The act of a mind, body and soul transformation that is energetic in nature and brings about profound changes right down to the very frequency of your Consciousness and DNA.​

What if
there was a way
to connect to
pure potential ...

There IS a way to connect to pure potential. In fact, there are many ways to do so, and we offer a unique chance for you to experience that connection through a Scalar Energy device that combines heart coherence, frequency, Mind/Body/Spirit, and the energetic potential to connect with the deepest part of our soul selves.


We invite you to read on and experience this incredible phenomenon that people are talking about. 

The Science Behind the Magic ...

Star Formation


Zero Point Energy

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Scalar Waves

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Heart Coherence

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Star Formation


Set Point

Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.



Cymatics is the study of the effect of frequency and how it causes vibration in matter. Cymatics can be demonstrated using sound frequencies in Hertz, using a medium of either water or sand. 


Toroidal Field

A Toroidal Field is also called an "aura". It is the energetic field that surrounds any kind of dense physical matter. This field contains the base frequency of it's subject. It is constantly in spin mode, and acts this way to prevent uncontrolled expansion. It's a container for that frequency to be able to sustain a vibration in certain dimension.

Star Formation



Frequency is the number of waves that pass through a certain unit of time (typically 1 second) in a perpendicular direction to where it is travelling, and can be measured in terms of Hertz (Hz).

It is the number of times that an object vibrates, or has a back and forth movement.

Light wave frequencies are higher than sound wave frequencies



Vibration is a back and forth movement of an object.

Vibration is frequency in form. Sound is a form of vibration of waves that travel through an object.


Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is an ancient practice brought into modern times, where various symbols and geometric shapes have been given a sacred meaning. The word “Sacred” is not necessarily (but can be) used in the religious sense, but more in accordance with the fact that these geometric forms and the mathematic principals inherent within them come from the very basis of creation. Sacred refers more to the magical, mysterious, esoteric, or mystical symbolism attached to these shapes and symbols.

 “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”
~ Nikola Tesla

Source Energy ... also called the Quantum Field (by Jill), or Field of Potential (by Karen) is the very basis of what some consider God, Universe, Spirit, Great Spirit, Source, etc. This is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. The Zero Point before the inertia of the Source energy spiraled itself into creation.

THIS! This is where we are trying to take you. Well, not YOU physically. That would flout the laws of gravity, and most of the other laws of our 3rd and 4th dimensional physics. Instead we have created the 3rd best thing.

1st would be returning to pure consciousness and existing in the "God" field waiting to co-create. 2nd would be you in physical form connecting through your heart space in a moment-by-moment basis...which we all seem to busy to accomplish with any regularity. 3rd would be by training your Mind/Body/Spirit to connect with conscious intent through our scalar energy device.

We have channeled a way to make that connection happen through intense downloads from our guides Nikola Tesla (for Jill) and Walter Russell (for Karen). We have been told that when this information was first presented, it was too science-y and either wasn't understood by the masses or was denigrated as junk by other scientists. Jill and Karen have approached this from an extremely different perspective that brings you to the same result. A heart based coherence that is in line with the Source energy that we are all made up of on every level of our being....from our cells, to our DNA, to our emotions and feelings, to our consciousness and to our very soul selves.

Each crystal cube has been individually programmed to connect to a parent cube that is directly connected to Source Energy.

3 = Parent Cube, Jill, and Karen

6 = People and their cubes

9 = Source

The parent cube can be thought of like the sun that exists at the opposite end of the black hole, drawing it’s energy from the black hole part of itself from the QFoP, where the Zodiac Energy is found. It is like the ball of electricity in a Tesla coil… sending out it’s light/scalar waves/Source potential to all of the child cubes. It is programmed to hold a base of a Set Point of 432hz. When placed in each person’s home, it will be it’s own worm hole to the QFoP, threaded directly through scalar energy to the parent cube which is what holds the accessing ability to the field. Don’t think of these as filters so much as potential brought from Source to our very selves. 


The mandalas and sound recordings represent sacred geometry in the form of sound vibration.

What does each kit come with?

Each basic "kit" comes with one of the following 3 items. We ask that you work with the basic kit for a few weeks before you begin to add any additional mandala and sound frequencies. 


"Programmed" Quartz Crystal Cube

1 piece, 25-35mm clear quartz crystal, sourced in Brazil. This cube has been programmed to connect your particular energy directly to the Zero Point field.

Mandala  - 432Hz - color.jpg

Cymatic Image of

432hz Frequency

1 printed image of the cymatic equivalent of the frequency of 432 hz. Printed at 2.5" on UV coated cardstock in the heart chakra color of green. 

Sheet Music

Sound Recording

in 432hz

1 mp3 sound recording of the 432hz frequency accompanied by soothing nature and instrumental music.

Stay tuned for a future shopping experience!

We will soon have the following available in your choice of:

  1. Quartz cubes in either Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, or Smokey Quartz.

  2. Cymatic images that come in different colors/frequencies and represent different energies, emotions, issues, triggers, thought forms, etc.

  3. Sound Recordings that correspond to the different cymatic images listed above within the same frequencies.

How did we get here?

Karen, Jill, John, Phyllis, Andrea and Melanie are a group of friends called the Squad (also Soul Vision). This group of people shared many lives of healing together and were reunited in this lifetime to continue their mission. Jill got a message after John and Phyllis drew pictures of symbols that they visualized. John’s drawing (waves) represented Zero Point Energy and Phyllis’s picture represented Heart Coherence. Zero Point Energy, Heart Coherence and the Golden Ratio (Phi, Fibonacci numbers) are related and were the basis of the healings in their past lives together. The following video ties these concepts together:

The Squad was table tipping and the table indicated that Karen and Jill should work together on a project. They were both working in the Quantum Energy Field and learning about Zero Point Energy/The Field of Potential. The above video prompted them to look at the significance of the Fibonacci spiral. Jill was drawn to learn more about Heart Coherence and eventually signed up for the Heart Math course.


They came upon an article and were introduced to the Solstitial Quadrilateral. The Fibonacci spiral is open and can cause our energy to remain open to the Quantum Field. If this state persists then we eventually feel a detachment from earth. Using the SQ with the FS the energy goes into a closed state. As humans we can go into the Quantum Field for healing and manifestation but we must come out of it (or ground) to exist on earth. Jill was given 2 symbols from Nikola Tesla in a dream which were to assist in the opening and closing on the FS energy. She was also given the name “Transmentation” by Tesla to describe the process that Karen and Jill would create. At first Karen and Jill worked with all of these symbols on paper but were then guided to make them into a cube with the FS and SQ on opposite sides and the symbols Jill was given on opposite sides.


Karen and Jill worked further on how to develop the cube. They were guided to use a crystal sphere and somehow suspend it in the middle of the cube. They were also told to use silver as one of the materials to create it. There was a vision of silver wire coiled inside the cube and they created this coil. Jill was given the message and a vision of the inside of the cube looking like a nervous system with multiple colors. Karen and Jill created a coil of the silver and multi-colored wire (the colors of the 7 chakras) suspending the crystal sphere in the center.


Karen and Jill continued to work with their guides to get more information about the product and its properties. The cube they created was to be the “parental” cube and used to program the cubes that will be distributed. The parental cube was charged with sacred geometry, divine energies and intentions. They were made aware that the frequency of 432 hz was a key component and that the cube should be used with mandalas and sound to achieve powerful results.

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